Tungsten Yttrium Electrodes in TIG Welding

Tungsten Yttrium Electrodes Picture

Tungsten yttrium electrodes welding, using a high frequency high voltage arc method or pulsed arc method. The two methods are the tungsten electrode close to the workpiece, but do not touch, 2 ~ 5mm gap left between them. The voltage of the two methods are very high, reaching 2000 ~ 3000V. Arc with high voltage electrode and the workpiece in space, the formation of spark discharge, under high voltage arc space, forming a strong electric field ionization, strengthen the cathode and arc space, and makes the arc space by the spark discharge or glow discharge quickly turned to arc discharge. Due to the high temperature arc discharge is generated when, can maintain the arc discharge under the condition of low voltage. This completes the arc process. Arc requires high voltage breakdown arc space, in order to safe and high frequency or pulse voltage.

Security measures

1.ventilation, welding work site must have good ventilation devices to emit harmful gases and dust. In addition to the plant ventilation, heavy workload in welding, welding concentrated, install several axial fan exhaust outside.

In addition, also the use of local exhaust ventilation measures will take away the harmful gas around the arc, such as using open arc exhaust hood, exhaust welding torch, portable small fan and so on.

2.radiation protection measures, as far as possible the use of very low doses of radiation cerium tungsten. When thorium and cerium tungsten tungsten processing, should be sealed or ventilation type grinding wheel, the operator should wear masks, gloves and other personal protective equipment, post-processing to wash your hands and face. Thorium and cerium tungsten tungsten should be placed within the aluminum box to save.

3.high-frequency protection measures, in order to prepare for and weaken the influence of high-frequency electromagnetic fields, the measures taken are:

1) piece is well grounded, gun cable and ground use metal braided wire shield;
2) appropriate to reduce the frequency;
3) Do not use a high-frequency oscillator as a stable arc device, reducing the role of high-frequency electric time.

4.other personal protective measures when welding, due to the strong effect of ozone and ultraviolet radiation, should wear non-cotton clothes (such as acid does, silk oak, etc.). In the container can not use local ventilation welding situations, you can use a blower type helmets, air masks or protective masks and other personal protective measures.